Hallman Potato Sausage

Even though we are Swedish heritage, we normally eat regular"American" food but every Christmas we usually eat Swedish food, including potato sausage.  The recipe we use originated with Goldie Hallman Hagbo, recalled from memory of her own families' recipes.  This was first made by our dad, Theodore. After his death we kept up the tradition and recipe.

Goldies Original Recipe

Here is the original recipe in Goldies' handwriting.

Potato Sausage

Here is a transcription of the card:
Potato Sausage
3# Beef (I used ground chuck)
3# fat Pork (sausage?)
1/2# salt pork
    Grind & add equal potatoes or more 21-25#
1 teaspoon pepper (more)
1 teaspoon whole allspice crushed
1 large onion ground & fried until clear
salt to taste (about 2 handsful)
casings 1/4#

I think about 20# of potatoes tastes more like we want it. I don't think you want it too salty because of the
brine. I bought 1/4# casings for 1/2 of the batch and had some left over.

Christmas Eve Menu

For us, a typical Christmas eve dinner would be:
Potato Sausage
Boiled potatoes with brown gravy
Any sort of boiled vegetable
Since Lefsa is made out of potatoes... this is a potato intensive meal!

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