My personal photos from our vacation in Nicosia, Cyprus in August 1995.

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Last summer (August '95) my wife and I spent three days in Nicosia, Cyprus. We didn't see much of the island but we did eat some good food and saw some beautiful buildings. While there are LOTS of tourists, Americans haven't really discovered the charms of Cyprus. Totally recommended. Here are some of my photos.

Taken from my camcorder. Techinical notes on the photos.

The Streets of Nicosia

Various scenes from the streets for Nicosia.

JPEG steetoutside.jpg The Mediteranian climate means that decorating with plants is easy and beautiful!

JPEG streetcars.jpg By American standards, the streets are fairly narrow and the drivers rather bold!

JPEG street1.jpg In the middle of August many Cypriots wisely leave the island. We were told that during the rest of the year, empty streets like this are rather rare.

JPEG makarios.jpgMakarios II: archbishop of Cyprios before Makarios the III.

JPEG makarios2.jpg Makarios III: The first president of the Republic. Southern Cypriots love this guy! Depending on whether you live in the south or the north, he is a great hero or a reckless saber rattler.

Thanks to Panayiotis Zaphiris for clearing me up on these two Makarios'. He hosts the **CYPRUS** home page. Check it out.

JPEG arches.jpg With such an ancient history, there are lots of architectural styles from all over the region.

JPEG museum1.jpg With such a short time, we weren't able to explore this museum. Maybe next time!

JPEG sewwoman.jpg We observed quite a generational gap. The older generation are the primary keeper of unique Cypriot traditions. The younger generation seems much for European.

JPEG streetwindows.jpg I found the upper-story windows facinating. Many had colorful shutters and some had balconies.

JPEG windowsold.jpg More windows.


Cafés photographs

JPEG cafeman.jpg Cafés are all over the city and are where --primarily-- men meet to socialize.

JPEG cafeinside.jpg A shot from inside a café

JPEG cafewindow.jpg Windows above a cafe.

JPEG cafe.jpg This café took up most of the street. In the heart of the old city.

JPEG cafetaberna.jpg Another cafe.

The Churches of Nicosia

The churches are wonderful and contain some great art and history.

JPEG churchoutside.jpg Wide shot of a church.

JPEG churchsteeple.jpg Church steeple

JPEG churchinside1.jpg Inside shot of the church.

JPEG churchdoorwide.jpg The doors of the church.

JPEG churchdoorclose2.jpg A relief above a church door. I assume this is a symbol of Jesus Christ, the lion.

JPEG churchdoorclose.jpg Better shot of above.

JPEG churchinside2.jpg Inside a church

JPEG churchicons.jpg The iconic tradition is highly respected. You can even buy icons at the local airport!

JPEG churchmary.jpg An icon of Mary

JPEG churchjesus.jpg An icon of Jesus

JPEG churchangel.jpg An icon of an angel

JPEG churchgreek.jpg Greek text in a church. I could read a little!