Great aquarium plants, real cheap!

This section is a nearly literal "html'ized" transcript of the excellent article which Jim Kelly posted to the newsgroup rec.aquaria on March 10, 1995. Bibl. citation.
Jim Kelly's introduction & background information. All in all, the Jim Kelly method towards healthy planted aquariums conforms with the "net wisdom" generally agreed to in the *.aquaria newsgroups. Jim summarizes and states his knowledge more clearly than most. He, more than others, has actually given his system some analysis and scientific method. Also, in my opinion at least, the Jim Kelly method takes a refreshing and (more economical) path from the previous "state of the art" planted aquaria technique known as the Dutch Method especially with his omission of a heated substrate, expensive CO2 equipment, and his ommision of laterite.

The single most important item needed to succeed with aquarium plants is adaquate lighting. As Jim Kelly explains, this need not be expensive.

Jim Kelly has experimented extensively to discover an economical and practical substrate recipe.

Central to Jim Kelly's substrate recipe is the use of buried fertilizer tablets.

The most common cause of failure, after low light levels, is an inadaquate supply of carbon dioxide. Jim Kelly describes the economical yeast method of CO2 production, which he learned from Thomas Narten.

Healthy planted aquariums generally do not have algae problems. Jim Kelly describes why this is, and how to control problem algae.

Here is Jim Kelly's description of how to physically plant an aquarium.

Planted aquariums have special needs regarding the use of filters.

Further comments about water chemistry, recommended test kits, and a cheap source for aquarium equipment and supplies.

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