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My collection of hypertext links to aquaria related resources available on the internet.

Activated Carbon

Often misunderstood, activated carbon is perhaps the most cost effective means towards effective aquaria filtration. I have collected below the opinions of two experts on the use of activated carbon in aquaria.
A draft of my pending Ultraviolet Sterilizer ammendment to the *.aquaria filtration FAQ

Aquarium plants!

Click the image for a 74K photo of my 10 gallon planted tank.

During the spring of 1995 I participated in the *.aquaria FAQ rewrite project. Check out the release verstion of the Aquaria FAQ. I sponsored the Filtration section. Todd Zebert wrote a concise aquarium filtration selection guide, which was edited out of the FAQ, for the time being at least, because it was seen as being controversial (I never understood why).
Bruce Hallman's article about aquarium plants, and a recipe for yeast CO2 injection.
Click the image for an 11K photo of my yeast CO2 bottle.

Check out David Milun's Cory Search engine of online aquaria resources.
Water for cichlids from Lake Tanganyika is bottled and sold by Noah's Spring Water.
Jim Kelly has posted a fantastic summary of his Great Aquarium Plants on a Student Budget to the rec.aquaria newsgroup, including results from his experiments with aquatic soils, his yeast CO2 recipe and other practical advice towards a cheap sucessful planted aquarium.
Dave Huebert's article on Water Plant physiology.
George Booth has posted his "personal FAQ" to the rec.aquaria newsgroup. It includes his summary of keeping successful aquarium plants, and a detailed account of how he assembled his carbon dioxide system. Also, George and Karla Booth have posted the results of their experiment with CO2 loss in an aquarium

Other World Wide Web planted aquaria sites.

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